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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sandy Berger's Need for Speed

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Caught doing 88 in a 55 mph zone in Fairfax County, Virginia, Sandy's response was "I was late for a meeting and didn't realize how fast I was going." Probably a lot like when he (oops) borrowed the documents from the National Archives and didn't realize what he had done, and then he (oops) mistakenly shredded them because he "didn't realize" what they were. Perhaps he has a few more GET OUT OF JAIL cards up his sleeve. I don't know, but since I drive on Fairfax County streets, I think I'll keep a sharp eye out for flying Bergers.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Caption This

Harriet Miers, Ambush Makeover Time!

I know this isn't very profound, but what's up with the eyeliner?

Harriet Miers speaks on Capitol Hill during her courtesy calls on the US Senate

I know, I'm mean.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stupid AP Headlines

Just saw "Delay's Indictment Seen as Blow to Bush" on the AP headlines. I wonder why we never see
"Dean's Stupidity Seen as Blow to Dems"
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or "Blanco's Inept Handling of Hurricane Katrina Seen as Blow to Dems"(Photograph)
"Fawning over Silly Sheehan seen as Blow to Dems"
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I suppose I expect too much from the MSM.

Ben Affleck as Virginia Politician?

Just heard the rumor that Ben Affleck has been approached by some of Virginia's politicos who are looking for someone to run against George Allen. I'm a Virginian. Is there no one respectable in the Democratic Party? Do they really have to look to Hollywood to produce someone who can act the part? Kinda sad when you think about it.. George, I don't think you have anything to worry about, but just in case your knees might knock a little, remember these moments in Ben Baby's career...

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and last but not least.....PREPARE YOURSELVES VIRGINIA FOR YOUR NEW SENATOR (drum roll please)
Ben  Affleck

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tag, I'm It!

Tom, from Daddypundit tapped me in the biographical game of tag. For all it's worth, here's everything you wanted to know about me, but were afraid to ask.

1. I'd love to travel around England and see all of the historic sites I've read about so many times.
2. I've always wanted to follow in the pioneer footsteps of Laura Ingalls Wilder's family. (I'd have to go without my husband).
3. Take a cruise
4. Be given access to the private papers of famous people like George Washington, Robert E. Lee, etc.
5. Visit every Civil War battlefield

1. Touch my nose with my tongue
2. Talk to anybody about anything
3. Make a great southern soul-food dinner
4. Eat a great southern soul-food dinner
5. Discuss at length (to my husband's dismay) the lives of George Washington, and Robert E. Lee

1. Geometry
2. Make my kids eat a great southern soul-food dinner
3. Ice skate
4. Understand why anybody would want to vote for John Kerry
5. Understand why the Cindy Sheehans of the world get noticed

1. He is soooooo cute!
2. He has lovely eyes!
3. He can always make me laugh.
4. He tells me I'm beautiful.
5. He lets me speak my mind and only occasionally tells me I'm out of line.

I'll go you one better Daddypundit, and say what HE LIKES ABOUT ME...
1. My quirky sense of humor
2. He knows I'll take care of him no matter what.
3. I make a mean banana pudding.
4. He says, my beautiful smile
5. He says, the way I love my 3 boys

Celebrity crushes I've had in the past....Oh so numerous....I had a real thing for Shaun Cassidy, David Cassidy and Lance Kerwin who played James at 15 (remember him?) I went through the three Brady boys, Bo and Luke Duke, and Luke Skywalker. I could go on and on with this, but why? Have you seen these guys lately? Bloggers I'd like to see complete this are:

1. Mommypundit because she hasn't posted since April.
2. Michelle Malkin (yeah, dream on)
3. Imao (continue dreaming)
4. Liberal Larry from Blame Bush, completing it as George Bush.
5. Scott Ott from Scrappleface because he always makes me laugh!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Athiests+Liberal Judges=Anti-American rulings

Just heard that a 9th district court judge in CA has ruled that children can't be made to recite the pledge of allegiance because it's unconstitutional. I'd like to make the claim that the entire 9th district court is unconstitutional and that the rest of America shouldn't have to be subjected to having them in this country! If you don't like America's values, get lost.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sandy Berger's National Treasure

My kids love the movie National Treasure.

They've watched it over and over and I suppose part of the appeal for them is the way in which Ben, the main character, manages to lift the Declaration of Independence from the Archives. It's a pretty exciting scene.

Now I read that Sandy Berger, who did a little lifting of his own, has been fined 50, 000 bucks for his misdeeds. It also appears he's lost his clearance for three years as part of the bargain, and in this way, he won't go to the pokey. After all, he took the documents simply because it was inconvenient for him to do his work in the Archives building. He wanted to work from home, probably save on commuting costs, save the environment, you know. Then once at home, those documents got destroyed. Didn't anyone tell him not to leave important papers on the kitchen table or they might get Lucky Charms spilled on them? I tell my kids all the time to put their important documents away where they'll be protected! Maybe Sandy's mom didn't share those words of wisdom with him.

Anyway, considering the current climate of racial intolerance and deliberate drowning of blacks in New Orleans, I put my mind to thinking of what sentence a person of color would have received if they had "borrowed" documents from the NATIONAL ARCHIVES FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!! and then DESTROYED THEM!!!!!. I have a suspicion that jail time would have been in their future and rightly so. It should have been in Sandy Berger's future and I'm mystified as to why he won't do time. My husband put it succinctly when he said, "He has a better lawyer than you do." (I told him I don't HAVE a lawyer at all) Soooooooooooooo, one can assume that in this country, if you're a white democrat with money and access to great lawyers, you can steal all you want from our National Archives and walk away.

Look for Sandy Berger in the sequel to National Treasure. It'll be called NATIONAL DISGRACE.
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Pox on Nancy Pelosi

I unplug my nose in Nancy Pelosi's direction.

The Racism Bandwagon

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Left leaning politicians are jumping on the racial bandwagon in the wake of Katrina. In my humble opinion, it's a stupid thing to do. Does anyone really think for a minute that the president of the United States would withhold federal help, deliberately, because he hates black people? Remember Karl Rove, the "evil" mastermind behind the election, etc...Do you think such an advisor would allow the Prez to present that image to the public?

Now, let's think things through rationally. I did a little research in response to an irritating BBC article. I found that the storm damage was in excess of 100,000 miles wide. That's a lot of land to cover. In my research, I found that Great Britain, by itself, is only 95,000 square miles. So, in essence, if Hurricane Katrina had hit England it would be GONE! Mull that over for a minute and then look again at the devastation in our country. It might not seem like such a big area because we are looking at it relative to the whole country, but it was huge! Unlike God, who is omnipresent, George Bush and the feds are not. They are not God, but mere humans and responded the best they could.

Getting back to the race card..I'm willing to make the claim that the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons of the world stand to gain very much by pointing out how the white man is keeping the brother down. By whining about how the federal government should have been there sooner, handed out supplies quicker, focused on the blacks of NO, they draw attention to themselves. They are nothing, if not political opportunists, looking to have more face time on television and more inches in the press. They, themselves, are climbing on the backs of the so called ignored brothers and sisters, to be king of the broadcast news hill and in doing so are selling out their own people.

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